The KHAN (noun, early Islamic heritage, an architectural space designed for hosting caravanserais, offering rooms for travelling merchants, stables for their steed, and storage for their goods. It is often marked by a singular arched gateway with a smaller embedded portal).

The Khan, grandly nestled in the middle of Midhat Pasha Suq of Old Damascus, carries the flame for all that is current and upcoming in the world of fashion, art and design... right in the heart of the oldest thriving urban capital in the world! Spear-headed by Sandra Hakim and Amjad Malki, The Khan is nothing short of a revival... a renaissance...where the age-old traditions of the Khan as a center of creativity, interaction, and commerce is re-awakened in the terms of today’s jet-setter desires for quality, modernity, and exquisite variety. From haute couture to designer furniture, contemporary art to hand-made soap, The Khan offers them all, each hall dedicated to a particular ware.

Bringing together the old with the new, al-Khan’s unique architecture reflects the attitude of revitalizing heritage amidst an atmosphere of percolating trends. The subtle beauty of Damascene stone-work has been preserved, rescued even, in The Khan walls and windows. Black basalt alternates with pink mazzi limestone that is typical of local architecture.

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The Khan is a two-story entity hosting several speciality designs to tickle your finicky fancy. It is a cultural /commercial hub in the old city that brings together the international, the traditional, and the contemporary of only the highest calibre.  Sandra Hakim’s promotion capacities, her visionary thinking and cultural zeal, have allowed her toattract stylists and innovators and craftsmen from all walks, making The Khan a mecca for designers everywhere.

On the ground floor are The Khan’s Villa Moda and Khanom, focused on the world of high fashion. On the upper floors of The Khan, Saboon revives the ancient crafts and traditional productions of Damascene heritage with new designs and packaging.  There is Tajalliyat, dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art, particularly painting and sculptures by Middle Eastern artists.  And then there is Yabi & Yamo, neither art for art’s sake, nor fashion to wear, but everything else in between. Things that make your life easier...and also distinguished,  unique. From books and artsy chairs to kettles and kitchen wares, Yabi and Yamo is a place to spice up your living space by inspired designs.


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