Aydi Gallery

Promoting local art and artists since its inception, this gallery showcasing modern painting and sculpture occupies a corner of The Khan dedicated to exhibiting the most contemporary Middle Eastern artistic activity here in the old city.

The art scene in Middle East is a thriving one and the ever increasing number of world class artists found here deserves the encouragement that Aydi Gallery is in a unique position to provide.  This booming market is highly active and it is utterly in keeping with the identity of The Khan that it should be represented here.

Aydi Gallery can proudly display works from established masters of whom the Middle East has many, whilst actively promoting the oeuvre of up and coming younger artists whose styles are numerous and various.  This has the double advantage of providing an attractive browsing space for  The Khan's visitors to soak up some culture and also an outlet for those so inclined to acquire original works of fine art. Pass time upstairs in Aydi Gallery and enjoy art for art's sake.

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