Saboon -uplifts the ancient tradition of soap-making into a fine quality product worthy of royal recognition. Known locally as ‘saboon al-ghar’ these hand-made soaps have a natural earthy scent and leafy color that puts the chemical-based fluorescent and bleached white soaps of Western manufacture to shame. The Middle East’s olive oil and laurel-based soaps go back nearly 1,500 years. Today they are in high demand, proving to be the biggest craze for the organic-buff and skin-care savvy. At The Khan’s Saboon department, these organic soaps are sponsored and innovatively packaged to show utmost care to their preservation and appreciation. Whether a symbol of culture or a fine product for contemporary demand, The Middle East’s 100% natural locally made soaps are attracting interest from ladies and gentlemen world-wide.  Old Damascus has gotten itself a brand new vibe, The Khan, set to be the number one destination for contemporary culture, art, fashion and design.

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